• JULY 2009
    24 Fri – Cleveland at Music Saves Record Store

    AUGUST 2009
    19 Wed – Santa Cruz at the Crepe Place
    21 Fri – Los Angeles at the El Rey w/ Los Campesinos!
    22 Sat – San Diego at Bar Pink
    23 Sun – Costa Mesa at Detroit Bar w/ Los Campesinos!
    25 Tue – San Francisco at Café DuNord
    26 Wed – Ashland at The Where? House
    28 Fri – Seattle at the Crocodile
    29 Sat – Portland at the Doug Fir Lounge

    SEPTEMBER 2009
    09 Wed – Minneapolis at the 7th Street Entry
    10 Thu – Madison at the High Noon Saloon
    11 Fri – Chicago at the Chopin
    12 Sat – Cleveland at the Beachland Tavern
    15 Tue – Boston at Great Scott
    17 Thu – NYC at Piano’s
    18 Fri – Brooklyn at Bruar Falls
    19 Sat – Philadelphia at Kung Fu Necktie
    26 Sat – Hamburg, Germany at Reeperbahn Festival
    27 Sun – Münster, Germany at Gleis 22 w/Dear Reader
    28 Mon – Düsseldorf, Germany at ZAKK Club w/Dear Reader
    29 Tue – Berlin, Germany at Cafe Zapata
    30 Wed – Dresden, Germany at Scheune w/Dear Reader

    OCTOBER 2009
    01 Thu – Bremen, Germany at Lagerhaus w/Dear Reader
    02 Fri – Hannover, Germany at Café Glocksee w/Dear Reader
    03 Sat – Leipzig, Germany at Schaubühne w/Dear Reader
    04 Sun – Weinheim, Germany at Cafe Central w/Dear Reader
    05 Mon – Freiburg, Germany at Kamikaze w/Dear Reader
    06 Tue – Marburg, Germany at KFZ w/Dear Reader
    08 Thu – Vienna, Austria at Chelsea w/Dear Reader
    09 Fri – Zagreb, Croatia at Teatar &TD w/Dear Reader
    11 Sun – Aarau, Switzerland at Kiff w/Dear Reader
    12 Mon – Paris, France at Pop In w/Dear Reader
    13 Tue – Amsterdam, Netherlands at Paradiso w/Dear Reader
    14 Wed – London, England at Garage Upstairs w/Dear Reader

    NOVEMBER 2009
    21 – Portland at BackSpace : Charity Event for Pdx Homeless 
    28 – Portland at Crystal Ballroom w/Helio Sequence  

    MAY 2010
    15 Sat – Portland at Mississippi Studios
    16 Sun – Seattle at The Crocodile
    19 Wed – Santa Cruz at The Crepe Place
    21 Fri – Los Angeles at The Wiltern w/The National
    22 Sat – Los Angeles at The Wiltern w/The National
    23 Sun – San Diego at Spreckles Theatre w/The National
    26 Wed – Oakland at Fox Theatre w/The National
    27 Thu – Oakland at Fox Theatre w/The National
    28 Fri – Eugene at Sam Bonds Garage

    AUGUST 2010
    15 Sun - Portland at Rontoms w/Dirty Mittens

    DECEMBER 2010
    31 Fri – Portland at Mississippi Studios w/The Helio Sequence

    JANUARY 2011
    12 Wed – Portland at Bunk Bar w/Wild Flag

    FEBRUARY 2011
    26 Sat – Portland at Alberta Rose Theater w/Loch Lomond

    JUNE 2011
    03 Fri - Portland at Alberta Rose Theater for LiveWire! Radio.
    12 Sun – Seattle at The Vera Project for Noise for the Needy.

    JULY 2011
    15 Fri – Portland at Pioneer Courthouse Square for Sand in the City
    31 Sun – Portland at The Eastbank of Hawthorne Bridge for The Big Float.

    MARCH 2012
    14 Wed - Austin for SXSW : PDX Showcase at The Grackle
    15 Thu - Austin for SXSW : Barsuk Showcase at Red Eyed Fly
    16 Fri - Austin for SXSW : Noise Pop Showcase at Red Eyed Fly
    17 Sat - Austin for SXSW : Baeble Showcase at Peckerheads  

    MAY 2012
    08 - San Diego at Casbah w/ Social Studies
    10 - Los Angeles at Echo w/ Lotus Plaza & Social Studies
    11 - San Francisco at Cafe du Nord w/ Social Studies
    12 - Davis at Sophia's Thai Kitchen w/ Social Studies
    17 - Seattle at Sunset Tavern
    18 - Portland at Doug Fir Lounge

    JUNE 2012
    06 - Chicago at Schubas w/ The Darcys
    07 - Cleveland at Beachland Tavern w/ The Darcys
    08 - Toronto at Drake Hotel w/Emay
    09 - Montreal at Petit Campus w/ The Darcys
    12 - Allston at Great Scott w/ The Darcys
    13 - Brooklyn at Glasslands w/ The Darcys
    14 - NYC at Mercury Lounge w/ The Darcys
    15 - Philadelphia at Kung Fu Necktie w/ The Darcys
    16 - Washington, DC at Red Palace w/ The Darcys
    20 - Denver at Hi-Dive
    22 - Salt Lake City at Urban Lounge

    OCTOBER 2012
    27 - Boise at Neurolux
    28 - Salt Lake City at Kilby Court
    30 - Fort Collins at Aggie Theatre

    NOVEMBER 2012
    01 - Wichita at Rock Island Live
    02 - Denton at Dan's Silverleaf
    03 - Austin at Club De Ville for FunFunFest
    05 - Norman at University of Oklahoma
    06 - Columbia at Mojo's
    07 - Iowa City at The Mill
    08 - St. Paul at Turf Club
    09 - Milwaukee at Shank Hall
    10 - Chicago at Lincoln Hall
    12 - Toronto at Horseshoe Tavern
    13 - Montreal at Il Motore
    14 - Boston at Brighton Music Hall
    15 - NYC at Bowery Ballroom
    16 - Washington, DC at Black Cat
    17 - Philadelphia at Underground Arts

    JANUARY 2013
    23 - MINNEAPOLIS at 7th Street Entry
    24 - MADISON at FRZN FEST at High Noon Saloon
    25 - IOWA CITY at Gabe's
    26 - CHAMPAIGN at Mike N Molly's
    27 - GRAND RAPIDS at Pyramid Scheme
    29 - PITTSBURGH at Brillobox
    31 - HAMDEN at The Outer Space

    FEBRUARY 2013
    01 - NORTHAMPTON at Iron Horse Music Hall
    02 - BROOKLYN at Glasslands Gallery
    06 - BALTIMORE at Golden West Cafe
    07 - HOBOKEN at Maxwell's
    09 - PHILADELPHIA at Johnny Brenda's
    10 - RICHMOND at The Camel
    12 - CHAPEL HILL at Local 506
    13 - CHARLOTTE at Snug Harbor
    14 - ASHEVILLE at Emerald Lounge
    15 - ATLANTA at Masquerade: Purgatory Stage
    16 - NASHVILLE at High Watt
    18 - DALLAS at Club Dada
    19 - HOUSTON at Fitzgerald's: Upstairs
    20 - AUSTIN at The Mohawk: Indoors
    22 - EL PASO at Lowbrow Palace
    23 - PHOENIX at Crescent Ballroom
    24 - SAN DIEGO at Kensington Club
    25 - SANTA ANA at The Constellation Room
    26 - LOS ANGELES at Bootleg Bar
    27 - SAN FRANCISCO at Brick & Mortar Music Hall for NOISE POP

    MARCH 2013
    01 - PORTLAND at Doug Fir Lounge
    02 - SEATTLE at Tractor Tavern

    APRIL 2013
    20 - Istanbul, Turkey at Roxy
    23 - Kazan, Russia at China Town Cafe
    24 - Moscow at 16 Tons Club
    25 - St. Petersburg at da:da Club
    27 - Yekaterinburg, Russia at Dom Pechati

    JULY 2013
    19 Fri - Portland at PDX Pop Now! Festival

    SEPTEMBER 2013
    01 Sun - Seattle at Bumbershoot Festival
    21 Sat - Portland at Alberta Rose Theater for LiveWire! Radio

  • BrentWorkingOnLP3Cropped
    Ramona Falls is focusing on recording new material for a third LP.

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  • Ramona Falls is named after a childhood memory of Brent Knopf. As a boy, he and his family would hike the three-mile loop on Mount Hood. Knopf drank it in: the proportions of space, sunlight and shade, an ideal of what woods should be. Years later, that memory remains with him, now represented in music: Ramona Falls, both a refuge from the world and a gathering place within it, blending acoustic and electronic elements into songs that feel at once surreal and real, both strange and familiar. Debut LP "Intuit" was released in 2009. Sophomore effort "Prophet" followed in 2012, a year after Knopf's departure from Menomena. The recording of a third LP is underway.

  • The recording of Ramona Falls' third LP is underway.

    Ramona Falls' Official Releases :
    2014 - BOATS - a compilation album of 29 artists featuring the song "On the Line."
    2012 - Prophet - the second full-length album.
    2009 - Intuit - the first full-length album.

  • Other albums co-created by Brent Knopf of Ramona Falls include :

    * 2015 - Medallion by Lost Lander. (producer)
    * 2012 - DRRT by Lost Lander. (producer)
    * 2011 - Idealistic Animals by Dear Reader (producer)
    * 2010 - Mines by Menomena. (member)
    * 2009 - Replace Why With Funny by Dear Reader (producer)
    * 2007 - Friend and Foe by Menomena. (member)
    * 2006 - Wet and Rusting by Menomena. (member)
    * 2005 - Under an Hour by Menomena. (member)
    * 2003 - I am the Fun Blame Monster! by Menomena (member)

  • Deeler (or "DLR" for "Digital Looping Recorder") is a homemade computer program that Brent invented in 1999 using Max/MSP. Originally intended as a tool for live performance, Deeler was too unstable to be used onstage. Instead, it was used as a way to capture improvised loops and musical ideas, first with Menomena and later with Ramona Falls. Tape-Op magazine interviewed Menomena and asked a few questions about Deeler, which you can read here. Recently, Brent re-designed Deeler for use within Ableton Live (with the help of the ingenious scripting add-on ClyphX).

  • "Ramona Falls is Specific"
    (a poem by Scott Poole)

    Ramona Falls is pretty sure they are fairly
    close to discovering a way
    to predict the future.
    Don’t believe me?
    Their first album, Intuit, successfully predicted the past.
    The future is an impressive goal for a band from
    Portland, Oregon. The only problem
    with Ramona Falls is they like to be specific.
    That's the problem with prophecy,
    the more specific it is, the less likely
    it is to be believed.
    The more general it is, the more
    useless it becomes.
    Ramona Falls likes to be specific.
    For instance, if Prophet One told you
    when you die your head would become
    twice its normal size
    and sparkle like a giant purple bowling ball
    you might not believe Prophet One
    and if Prophet Two
    said "You'll experience much joy
    and much pain before you die,"
    you would believe him but find his
    information quite useless.
    If later, your head is pinched off
    in a industrial accident
    in a glitter factory, then Prophet One
    becomes suddenly a lot more credible.
    Ramona Falls isn't afraid to tell you
    through its music that you might die
    in a rhinoceros goring while wearing
    a hello kitty t-shirt ironically.
    Ramona Falls isn't afraid to make you
    deathly afraid of hello kitty t-shirts.
    Like a bed with 700 sheets on it,
    each song of Ramona Falls
    is a prediction with 700 layers to it.
    If you begin kicking the sheets off in
    the middle of the night
    it will take you so long you will
    begin to question the very motives
    of your dreams.
    You don't want to be caught sleeping
    while Ramona Falls is predicting
    that the steamroller will become
    the most popular car of the future.
    Slow power will be very popular.
    People will erect keyboards and coffee pots
    on pine shelving about their steamrollers.
    Because you will be able to be accessed
    at any time, the slower you are
    the more distinct advantage you will have.
    If someone car jacks you, they will simply
    push you off your steamroller and
    you can watch them trying to escape
    for several minutes. Then you catch up
    and push them off. It will be great fun.
    A favorite pastime will be writing
    a note or a story and then smashing it
    into the pavement. So you will simply
    travel on top of words to wherever
    you want to go. Highways will be stories.
    If you don’t know what to do with yourself
    you can simply cut a square from
    the top layer of the road, ask a question
    and follow the suggestion below.
    Ramona Falls is getting a head start
    by playing you the music people will
    listen to on their steamrollers. The
    music of layers. They are pretty sure
    they are on the bleeding
    edge of this development.
    Ramona Falls is your future
    already predicted in the past.
    Ramona Falls is a fortune
    with a cookie on the inside.
    You don’t have to crack anything open,
    you don’t have to eat a bad meal
    to get there.