by Ramona Falls

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released September 15, 2017

Guest Performances by Drew Shoals (drums), Andrew Joslyn (violin/viola), Joshua Roman (cello), Lauren Jacobson (violin), Kelly Pratt (brass/reeds), and Moorea Masa (backing vocals).

Mixed by Craig Silvey and assisted by Eduardo de la Paz at Toast, London.
Mastered by Jamal Ruhe for West West Side Music.

All songs © and Ⓟ Brent Andrew Knopf, Hot Water Freezes Faster, LLC
administered by Compositions of Rough Trade Publishing (ASCAP).
All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Performed, Recorded, & Produced by Brent Knopf in Portland, Oregon at The Whimsy Room, except strings recorded by Andrew Joslyn in Seattle, Washington.

Thanks also to the Knopf Family and friends including Matt Sheehy, Stefan Nadelman, Josh Rosenfeld & Barsuk, Zach Stamler, Raymond Richards, Mike Jones, Krissy Gilhooly, John Askew, Dana Janssen, Shaun Gibson, Brian Wannamaker & Falcon Art Community, Barbara Jeffries, Samir Akou, Wolf Carr, Svetlana Andriyanova, Grace Krause, Hyun-Joo Park and Tara Beaudine of PSBM, Bank Robber Music, Maggie Vail & Jesse von Doom of cashmusic, and fans of Ramona Falls / Menomena / EL VY.


all rights reserved



Ramona Falls Portland, Oregon

Ramona Falls is the solo project of Brent Knopf of Portland, Oregon. See also the first 4 albums by Menomena, and, more recently, EL VY (an ongoing collaboration with Matt Berninger).

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Track Name: Prayers
I squandered another day but that's okay
she wasn't here, i lost my dear
i slept through sixteen alarms, no fouls no harms
no substitute can follow suit

i'm staring off to outer space, any staircase
is just a waste, there's no haste
i cut myself with too much slack, enough to hang
at least my hat and head in shame

i got a nasty case of the vapours
according to soothsayers, praying helps the prayers
i got a nasty case of the vapours
but praying helps the prayers

the iron's on, it's scalding hot, to sear the rot
to cauterize, avert your eyes
it must be nice to have a cause, look past the flaws
and seek applause, I couldn't care
Track Name: Can't Save You
I could deliver a billion pillows
wrap you up in gauze
I could summon every doctor
to pinpoint the very cause
of your unrest
but you won't say “yes”

It hurts to lose someone when they choose
they'd rather break away
but surely you know that everything goes
no matter what I say

Does that mean it's wasted
and shouldn't have happened?
Would you erase it?
cause he's not your husband?

I can't save you, you're going to have to save yourself
But i can't blame you, i've been in your shoes sometimes myself
Don't throw yourself away

Forgot how to swim and out on a limb
you've carved into a plank
“Only the sea will understand me"
and offer an escape
It's a leap of faith

Does that mean it's wasted
and shouldn't have happened?
Would you erase it ?
since he's not your husband?

You speak of fallen saints
I can't deny the dark
but I despise a god
who'd extinguish your spark
Track Name: Which Side Are You On
The righteous prey like cannibals
out hunting heads
cornering the dissidents

And if you drown, well you're a witch
that's how we'll tell
You will never stand a chance

Which side are you on ?
and are you pure?
can you be sure ?

Which side are you on ?
and are you pure?
Prove that you're sure

This is the symphony, this is the dance
Who shall we crucify next by show of hands

Bolt the doors and slam the gates
I smell a rat
We must not let it escape

Champions of paradise fall in line
Move the traitors to the plank

Stick to the scripture of virtue we'll search you
at random to ensure our roster is clear of impostors
and make an example of those who trip up

There won't be peace until everyone sees that the truth
is owned and operated by me
and my kind are aggrieved by the crimes of the ancient past
Track Name: I Wish I Could
I wish i could hear you.

Clasp my lines like crumpled paper
throw the tea leaves I remember
what you said about your closest friends

It was starin' me in the face
the whole time, words that start with V,
I made the mistake of thinkin' she wasn't smart

I don't think you can enlarge without distorting it
you wish people would stop asking you where it's from

There are things i know i should do
There are things i choose to do
They're not the same, they're not even close
Sure I guess you have bold but I'm talkin' pianissimo
after you've given up being understood

I can't imagine wanting anything as much as they want us dead

I wish i could hear you.
You like pressure, you asked me, I pressed
Everything you told me about my past was wrong

I don't think you can enlarge without distorting it
you wish people would stop asking you where you're from

Gotta be careful, gotta be reckless, pinch those knobby fingers together
Since when have you obeyed anyone?
Please distract me so I won't know i'm waiting
If God is good, and you're good, then where does that put us?

It's not even close.
Well, we can't be lost, cause I know there's nowhere to be

I find myself obedient to what I don't know
to what's no longer here, to what has gone away
Track Name: Guide Us Through
I go along to get along
I sing the songs but don't believe
a single word
Is there something wrong with me?
I must be alone in my doubt

I row in time, don't wanna be a drag
I’ll even empty my wallet
and give you all i can give
Please don't notice
I'm what one size doesn't fit

I won't break your spell
I'll do my best to blend in
May the myths, which we all depend on
guide us through to our inevitable end

You have weeks so fill them with wine
and be drunk on distortion of time
so keep the bread and cup
I just wanna wake up

The marriage of fiction with fact
suspend your disbelief in Acts
Regardless of your heart
you can't escape you're part

Keep the good in
Track Name: In the Wake
I want the forgiveness that's granted in the wake of a forced confession
I want the asylum that's granted if i'd fake this one defection
I want the consensus we could reach if i would take back my objection
I want the assurance that others have in spades i'll go to heaven

So many suitors saying “may i have this dance?”
At the crystal ball your card is so full
I’ll read it for you

This is not enough
This will never ever

I want the stretch of another ring on my neck
Whatever you want for I can read your mind and see through time
I'll bend the truth to cradle you

This is not enough
This will never ever be enough

A promise kept the way everything keeps at absolute zero
Track Name: Now I Know
You asked “what's the point of regrets?”
and I really couldn't answer
but leaving was the sweetest thing you ever did for me

I took that 2am call after you saw the monster
shaken by that photograph and inconsolable

I grew sleepy then was never forgiven, no

Now i know
but you were doubled over
I couldn't think it over

Dissolved in a chemical bath
my shapes fade from the photos
First search then destroy reminders
of your distant past

Friends won't interfere in harmless delusions, no

I never think about you except when I think about
how strange it is I never think about you anymore

If you don't want to get married, don't get married
sometimes something so simple has to be spelled out
If you don't want to get married, don't get married
sometimes something so simple must be said aloud

So remember, children, saying good bye
when it's time is liberation
'cause it frees you to love
Track Name: A Phantom
Your voice, your scent, your face
Memories I hold in place
A Phantom to simulate what drew me to you

I know it's not real but it's as real as it gets
If you don't come back soon I fear that I'll forget

All that time I thought we were dancing

I want you in the flesh, I’m through with ghosts
I’ve saved for you my best, I’ve held out hope

You're only next door but that's impossibly far
If you don't come back soon I fear that I'll forget

All that time I thought were dancing
Was it just make believe?

All that time i thought we were dancing with you in the lead
Were you just an eddy, and me a leaf?
Spinning with utter devotion but now the sickness has motion
This is not the first time I've let myself be deceived

You're giving me no choice, you leave me no choice
You're leaving me no choice, you're leaving my mind
Track Name: Come Pick Me Up
I hear his father wishes they hadn't bickered over politics
So much of their time spent in argument and bitterness
When wouldn't he have preferred to help build his son's house
To haul the beams, lay cement, to do it right the first time

But what he didn't know is : the house was his boy
before it and he collapsed
without warning trapping those outside, howling for help
from God from Jesus, from the same parties who'd withheld
his lover from his bed, through the grapevine
nowhere now in this emergency, but their cries
grow quieter and darker like all sirens chasing answers
from professionals like penance from priests
whose costumes become grotesque walls of waiting
for any explanation, as if it could exhume him
and restore him to twenty-two and skinny
fidgeting in his bed, tasting cities
to decide where to build and blare his embarrassing music
like a tea kettle that's singing
“i’m ready, come pick me up”
Track Name: And Cast My Colors
Effortless, I confess, like a prism, I refract
Indigo, I don't know, violets seems all for show

Of the men I wouldn't want to be
Pick a side, I couldn't care a bit